Northern horizon of inspiration.
Line Idea.

New dimension
of style.

Velge in your space. The new line.

Through making the everyday choices you create unique spaces around you. You discover the new sources of ideas and become the designer of your surroundings. Get inspired for the northern trail of Velge and create your own dimension of space. Velge is a suggestion, an irresistible desire to seek uncommon solutions, to reach continuously further and take in the vibrant inspirations while in some parts of the creative process to take advantage of the solutions, which meet our needs and expectations. Velge is the new dimension of the formula for the kitchen environment. It is our new view of the home appliances as well as of the elements of the comprehensive kitchen equipment. Our styles reflect the high-class design and functional standards typical of the pattern of each product....
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Discover the way to the north.

The trail of Velge leads to the north and discovers the genuine spirit of Norway. From those sources we draw our inspiration. We are interested in people living there, their conversations, opinions, situations they experience as well as their needs and dreams. The line of Velge is based on the characteristic raw form. It reflects the aura of the northern trails, it brings to our surroundings the nature saved in the Norway’s climate. The prospect of perfections has no boundaries, except for the one closed in the concept of harmony. The balance which defines Norway remains the unsurpassed example, and the concept of the golden mean closes here in the general feeling of possibilities given to the people by the natural landscape and knowledge. The intimidating, virgin terrains, so to...
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